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We provide International Entertainment teams, programs and materials for activities. We also recruit hospitality staff such as waiters, receptionists. While working at the best campsites in Italy we value a good customer service and prioritize having a good relationship with our members in a safe, intellectual, young and fun environment.

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  • Work abroad
  • Colleagues become friends
  • Min. wages €900,00 net p.m incl. food & Accommodation
  • Join our reunions
  • Create an International network


  • Motivated International Entertainers
  • A harmonious collaboration
  • Safe time & troubles
  • Good reviews
  • Entertainers are treated with love & respect

A wonderful company, which feels like family. I am very grateful for the opportunity they gave me to work for this organisation. I had two amazing seasons and will cherish these forever. Thanks to Apply, I learned a lot and made great new friends. So, thank you! ?

Gillian Fletcher

Thank you for the people you sent to work in Camping Village of Montescudaio.
They are very professional and very good to enjoy people and kids.
I hope to see them again next year.


Director, Rugby camp Toscana

The best animation team we have ever encountered. Kind, friendly, humorous, and professional. The kids loved them, and did not want to leave. Thank you for putting together such a great group and for such a great holiday, the girls will remember for the rest of their lives.

Karl Gaskell

APPLYfortourism gives me the chance to experience great adventures with lots of fun and self-development! I learn, make close International friends, I act crazy and I’m allowed to be myself.  You have to work hard but you get so much in return. I would recommend it to everyone


With Apply you can let your inner child go but in a professional way. You meet lifetime friends, that also become family. They always take care of their employees in a loving and caring way, they listen to their employees and they give you a professional ground to stand on. Apply helped me grow and become the person I am today

Daniella Horslykke

Well organized and new age entertainment group. Well organized meetings proper housing and an amazing group of people!

Daniel van der Pluijm

Super good company! They are really there for there entertainers. If you work there, you work in a warm family!

Maud van Poppel

Apply is the best animation company since they not only provide the best service for the guest but also help you develop yourself and other as employees. This company, the family, basically only has one goal, make fun. I also like that I have a lot of freedom to do that I think is nice. Doing sports but also doing, mini club or musicals.



We believe that the road that leads to success is a road that brings us joy, passion and enthusiasm

our mission is to transmit those feelings to all those who walk this road with us!

For us, being part of an International organization means we get to see things from many different angles, we got to thank our open mindset to that. Our challenge lays in creating a safe & friendly working environment, satisfying our clients and giving all those guests magical moments and memories that last a lifetime.

As much as we like challenges we luckily never stand alone facing them. We have surrounded ourselves by remarkably hard working champions who certainly make the difference. Thank you guys for your unconditional support.


Headoffice –  Loes, Tom, Els & Marsha


Curious what our Entertainment programs offer?


F&B, front office or other positions. Get in impression of our summer!


Looking for International Entertainment or Staff, Curious what more we got to offer?


Working with us means you become an APPLY member. Meaning we value who you are and how you feel. We will guide you in the best way we can so that you have nothing to worry about other than doing an awesome job!


We organize gatherings and trips for those  working with us. We went together to Spain, France,Poland, Italy, The Netherlands, Check Republic and more! Want to see some pictures? Click here for our nice (Fr) album.  


While recruiting our entertainers througout many different countries in Europe we have decided to expand our service in recruiting all sorts of international staff for campsites. We owe our strength to our network of young, smart and motivated people. 

Our Entertainment programs offer loads of variety and professionalism with new and innovative activities that fit to all sorts of guests. Our shows and musicals are professional and presented in minimum 3 to 4 languages. We tailor make our programs to be able to give the best service to everyone. 

Successful candidates that pass our selection criteria will join our specialized and fun training program located in the Netherlands. 


We consider ourselves a family. We embrace positivity, we care about your personal development and we deliver quality in everything we do.

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