Colleagues become friends

by Jan 9, 2020

Colleagues become friends

One of the greatest things of working in entertainment is that your colleagues become your friends. And what is better than to travel, explore and enjoy new countries with these crazy people! Especially when Jasmine and Maxime last minute join to Cuba for example. Great country, enjoying the flamenco’s, starfish in Cayo Levisa, the salsa dancing and the great culture and horrible food. Or what about Israel, all army girls, let’s face it they are not older than 18 years old, walking around with machine guns. And in Jerusalem dancing with them (both the girls and the guns) on a bar?! And the next day swimming in the dead sea! Or totally different, Iceland! So cold, so much wind but so amazing. Many waterfalls, geyser’s and most beautiful of all but impossible to remember the name, Jökulsárlón, so much ice!

Tacomachine Tom

Or Jordan, what a great country! One moment you drive in a super traffic jam and you think you will never survive and the other moment you are for fun ‘marrying’ a Bedouin guy in Wadi Rum Desert under millions of stars and only 5 huts around you. Or putting mud all over you at the dead sea for fun? Or spotting camels? And Petra! So beautiful, and even better with our personal friend photographer Lotte Stierhout! And what about Mexico, with ‘Tacomachine Tom’ eating tacos and burritos every day. Having our favorite taco place in Isla Mujeres. Enjoying all the Maya culture and being annoyed, because every time we planned a beach day it started to rain… Still a great country!

I had many great trips with my colleagues/friends and I hope many more will follow!


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