My Journey

by Nov 30, 2020

1 2 3 my resumé was send

My name is Daniella and I became apart of apply in 2017. It all started with me, trying to get into one of the biggest musical schools In Sweden.
But before that, I went to a school that prepared us for the bigger schools. The school started, and then people started to talk about this girl named Amanda. We got told that this Amanda will start 1 month later, because she was In Italy. Everybody was a question mark, because nobody told us what she was doing there. Who is this Amanda? Why is she in Italy? Why is she gonna start 1 month later than everybody else?


1 month past away, and the “famous” Amanda girl came to the school. Amanda and I became really good friends and talked about why she was late. She told me that she was In Italy and worked there as an entertainer for apply. She almost came with this photo album on her computer, and started to show me her journey of her summer.
“So you really got paid for entertaining people? Jumping around and being crazy? In the sun? In Italy?” I asked
“Yes, and you should try it as well!”, she responded.
And then 1 2 3 my resumé was send, I came to a casting in Sweden, I went to The Netherlands for a trainings week, and then all of a sudden I had a job in Italy.

WOW, wait what?

Yes, that was also what I was thinking. How was my experience in Italy then? CRAZY BUT ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I had the summer of my life, and i’ve learned so much about myself. People may think that you are just running around and playing with the kids and if you are not doing that, then you are just laying at the beach and are kind of on “vacation”. But no, its not just and like that. Underneath all of that, there comes also A LOT of preparation and practice for the shows and events. Even though it’s tuff, and you maybe are super tired in the end of the season, but it’s totally worth it.

And now what? 4 years later. What do you do?
I got into one of the biggest show & musical schools in Sweden. So now I am educated as a musical performing artist. And besides that, I still work for apply. I had 3 amazing and different kinds of seasons, and still have the time of my life while i’m in Italy. I still get friends and family from different kinds of countries, with different kinds of cultures and backgrounds.

“But Daniella. Why do you keep on coming back?”
I don’t know how many times Ive got this question, from myself, friends and family. And sometimes I just laugh and answer myself, I really don’t know.
But deep down inside, I do.
The best part of being an entertainer, is when you can make a kids holiday from almost nothing, to the BEST SUMMER EVER. How you can connect with the parents, and how much they appreciate and respect the job you do.

If you come back to the same campsite, and the kids immediately recognize you and run into your arms, gives you the biggest and the most loveful hug you can ever imagine. Thats what it is worth for and one of the reasons why you want to come back. Its also because its not only the guests who recognize you. Its also all the people in the restaurant, the reception and the lifeguards. It’s the whole package that makes you want to come back.
Will I go to Italy next year?
I would love to, but you never know what life brings you.


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