Where to camp in Italy?

by Feb 6, 2020

Where to camp in Italy?

During my years of work for Applyfortourism I spend a lot of time in Italy. Basically cruising from Campsite to Campsite in various regions. My family, friends, neighbors, colleagues of my mom, friends of my sister and many others got to know what I do for a living which makes me their personal travel agent when it comes to campsites in Italy.

Questions I get asked
  1. Which campsites work with Dutch entertainers?
  2. What is a good campsite for children?
  3. Which campsite is on walking distance of a village?
  4. Sea ,Lake, Mountains?
  5. Which campsite would you recommend?
This weeks region: Venice

Ok ok ok, let’s be honest. I might be a little prejudiced but hè, almost everyone on internet is. At least I admit it. Cause in this blog I will basically give you information about some of our partner campsites. But I’ll give you an extra inside look on things you can’t find on the internet.  This week we start off with camping Ca’savio in the region – Venice. Next week we’ll be looking at a campsite in another area.

Camping Ca’savio (VE)

My all time favorite. As soon as I cross the gates of their brand new beautiful reception building I feel HOME. A relaxed holiday vibe comes at you right away. Love all the working people there as well. This campsite breaths relaxation and nature, no heavy metal on this camp but open air life, love it.  That’s what Ca’savio wants to radiate. My opinion? They do it damn right. It’s a big campsite but not to big, it still feels really familiar. They do have 2 pools, a restaurant, various bars, Playgrounds, a completely new supermarket and so on. All surrounded by beautiful trees and nature.

Secret road to avoid traffic

Arriving there is easy. You can fly to Marco Polo or Treviso, there is a bus that drops you off right in front of the campsite. I usually go by car and even if it is easy to reach you might find some traffic jams when heading there in high season. It’s especially the last 15 km where it gets stuck, but I have a little secret road which I’m about to reveal. Instead taking the street “via Fausta” which is the shortest way but always packed with traffic take the street called “Via Pordelio”. A beautiful lagoon road leading you right to the campsite without any or to much traffic.

The Area
Campsite in Italy at the Sea in region Venice

On 200 m distance you will find a Small village, don’t expect to much, it’s pretty small. Some restaurants, a market, supermarket, ice-cream, shops, and some more. Very comfy. Cross the street and you will find a beach bar / club called “Sound Beach”.

Heading to Venice is easy. Take your car (or go by bus), drive about 5 minutes to “Punta Sabbioni”, park your car at one of the big open air parking spots and take the Ferry to Venice (like 40 minutes) you can buy tickets once you arrive at Punta Sabbioni. Further a city called Jesolo (Check on google) is also nearby (+/- 30 min drive).

Now let’s answer those questions

Which campsite has Dutch entertainers?

Yes this campsite works with Dutch Entertainers, further they got German speakers Italians, usually some Danish and / or Polish it’s actually a big international mixed. Did I already say that the entertainment is just AMAZING there and not disturbing?

What is a good campsite for children?

This one definitely is. They got so much to offer for kids. Besides a complete entertainment program for kids they got extra activities they organize: Lego, Kinetic Sand, they have a big Playground and so on.

Which campsite is on walking distance of a village?

It might be small but yes there is a village on walking distance.

Sea or Lake?

Well this one has its own private beach right at the Adriatic Sea so “Sea”.

Which campsite would you recommend?

Read my conclusion below. I would recommend this one.


When looking for a “big” yet cosy campsite at the seaside, close to Venice, child friendly, close to nature but with lots of things to do. Consider camping Ca’savio as a valid option to go to.

Have you been to Camping Ca’savio before? Share your experience, tips and comments below. Would you like some more specific information? Feel free to contact us!


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