Pick a life they said..

by Mar 16, 2020

Ex Team Leader Soraya opened her own bar in Antwerp!

I’m 18 so go on and pick a university, go on and choose a degree, go on and figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life. Make something of yourself!

When I was 20

I’m 20 now and no idea on who i am or what i want. Searching for myself i quit school en get to work.
Retirementhome. Hmm maybe not.
Wintertour. What? Wintour.

The benefit of the doubt and i’m in. And boy was I in….

5 years later

I speak 5 languages
I found the love i felt i deserved not just my boyfriend but also my best friends and second family.
I found how to turn my insecurity in to something that drives me.
I can communicate about what i want in a strong way.
I can look at a situation from both sides instead of being a oneway street.

I’m 27 and taking the next step

I started our own bussiness in Belgium together with my boyfriend, who, well yes, I met thanks to APPLY!
The risk is big, but i know because of the years of experience as teamleader working with different cultures and people i will be able to manage this new big step.
If you would’ve asked me 5 years ago about this, i would have said that owning my own business was a far off dream. But thanks to APPLY i became the person i am today, ready to go on this new exciting adventure.


That next step was called Fabiola. A new concept in the centre of Antwerp, A Kroktailbar, the perfect combination of kroks (toasts) and cocktails. With our fresh spirit and knowledge of the horecabussiness we turned this lunchbar into a place for young and old. A place where you can have a nice lunch or enjoy you’re afterwork cocktail on the terrace.

I’m currently 28

I never finished school but i learned a lot more about life experience in the last 10 years, then what I would ever learn from any kind of book.

Special APPLY discount

Oh and for those who end up in Fabiola Antwerp and have read this blog, use the secret password “APPLY” and enjoy a 5% discount on your entire bill!


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