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Our Entertainment has innovative programs in the form of dance, shows, kids activities, fitness, events and sports. We have everything worked out into detail in our online platform, exclusively accessible to our members. By continuously registering  what we do, we become experts of every Holiday village or organization. We use products from www.sestrashop.nl to stimulate development of all the kids. 

What makes our programs so special?


Professional & International Entertainment with innovative programs and activities. 

Fitness & Dance

An active work-out like boxing or preferably yoga? Our fitness instructors do it all!


Kids go crazy on holiday, what place is better than the Miniclub? Right, none! Here children can join organized activities and be creative.


Who doesn’t like to play a football match on holiday? Well organized sport tournaments are always part of our entertainment program.


From a musical to a comedy show, always a good evening program adapted to the size of the campsite!


Great events like the Water Olympics are always successful! To join, but also to watch!


Photo hunt, an Escape Room activity or just a nice activity at the beach? In this way also teenagers can enjoy their holiday and make new friends easily.

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Get in touch with us by filling out the form and we get back to you on a short not. Prefer to have a call or you think Whatsapp is easier ? No problem, please contact us on number: +31.650957955 (Monday to Friday – 10:00 – 18:00) 


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